San Francisco Trip Part 1

I was visiting San Francisco from June 1 to 7. Here are some pictures I took.

A street in the Mission District. Street arts are not hard to find and houses are painted with much brighter colours.
Another mural.

It's nice and warm when the sun is up but it gets really cold as soon as you are in the shade. Ocean wind, I guess. In general, you need to wear a t-shirt and carry a thick sweater to wear in case it gets cold.

The view from the parking lot of the San Francisco General Hospital. You can see the fog looming afar.

I liked seeing many old 80's cars in SF.

It's a cool angular scooter
Porsche 924s

The city is also incredibly hilly.

It's hard to capture the steepness in a photo.

There were many tasty mexican joints as well. A lot more common than the Chinese restaurants in Toronto.

Tacos from El Farolito. It was good.

I'll post more later.

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